The Acronym Game – An Experimental Book Promo

I was driving home from work, it was a long drive, when I got stuck behind a lorry for about half an hour. I decided I would use this time to try and work out what the acronym on the back of it meant: DFDS

VLOG! Biscoff Spread Biscoff Biscuit Taste Test!

Kassidy, being the budding YouTuber that she is, has gotten us Vlogging. It’s the hobby of a narcissist but someone’s got to do it. We found spreadable Biscoff on our travels today so the Vlog became a Taste Test.

Gross Food Challenge

I have a YouTube channel. Well, my daughter (Kassidy) and I have a YouTube channel. For the past two years we’ve been writing a kids book together called Tommy, God of the Island of Wonder, which we finally completed a few weeks ago. It’s a comedy about a boy called Tommy who, having just blown…